Dec 15, 2014 in Blog Articles

GREASOLUX is a bio-friendly  product which provides solutions to problems caused by fat, oils and grease(FOG) in wastewater treatment. It is an effective way to remove grease and fats from pipelines, grease traps, pumping stations and waste water treatment plants. GREASOLUX cartridges are medium size, cylindrical in shape, and are easy to handle. They are filled with micro-organisms and fermenters which break down and dissolve the fat/oil/grease. The product is not harmful to pipelines, pumps and other mechanical equipment and is friendly towards biological waste water treatment plants.GREASOLUX fat dissolvent cartridges are recommended in order to avoid the problems of pipeline chocking, equipment damage, offensive odours, formation of filamentous bacteria, poor wastewater treatment results, and poor sedimental properties of activated sludge. And of course an important plus is that the product eliminates or reduces heavy fines for discharging untreated fat contaminated waste water into the municipal system.GREASOLUX cartridges contain especially powerful fat dissolving microorganisms and enzymes. As the cartridges slowly dissolve, microorganisms spread throughout the wastewater system (pipelines, vessels, etc.) and consolidate on various surfaces where they initiate the growth of large bacterial colonies, which are able to efficiently dissolve large amounts of fat.And the cartridges are simple to use: just suspend  them into the correct locations and then replace them every 30 to 60 days, depending on the application. GREASOLUX, the ultimate FOG gobbler.