Sep 13, 2011 in Blog Articles

The picture alongside is a shocking example of pollution in a developing nation. We tend to think that pollution occurs only in “third world” countries. It doesn’t. It happens everywhere.In San Diego, a prosperous city of just over 3 million inhabitants in California had a major sewage spill when there was a power failure and no back up generators. The pumps failed at the San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Syatem and over 12 million liters of sewage overflowed into a nearby lagoon. But this was not the first time they had a pollution problem in San Diego. Last December a sanitation pipeline burst and wastewater flowed out. In fact iin 2009 the city was fined for a sewage spill in 2007.Now we at Filcon are not “tree huggers” but we are concerned about what man is doing to the environment and we are pleased to operate in the filtration industry where we can provide solutions to filtration problems. From supplying simple bag filters and cartridge filters to providing bioreactor treatment plants and bacterial products to purify industrial and municipal effluents, polluted groundwaters and oily sludge.So if it can happen in San Diego you can bet it is going to happen here in South Africa. It does. The Farmers Weekly last year reported that only 3 percent of South Africa’s once sparkling clean municipal sewerage plants were operating efficiently. Yech!We at Filcon Filters do not just sell filtration products, we provide filtration solutions.