Apr 19, 2012 in Blog Articles

We survived our annual ISO audit…Wendy our MRQ (Management Representative for Quality) has some stressful momnents in ensuring everything was ready for the occasion. She need not have worried as we met with approval.One of ISO requirements is that we send out a survey to our customers to evaluate what they think of Filcon…here is the list of questions and the score for each…I must add that we received a 43% response rate. We asked customers to rate us as follows: 1=excellent, 2=good, 3=average, 4=indifferent and 5=poor:QULAITY OF TECHNICAL ADVICE         1.46QUALITY OF PRODUCTS                    1.69COMPETETIVENESS OF PRICES            1.88DELIVERY DEADLINES                         1.65ATTITUDE OF STAFF                           1.15 OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE                   1.566Overall we are viewed by our customers in a very favourable light being rated by them as being btween “good” and “excellent”…what we are especially proud of is our staff who achieved an almost perfect score…we fared worst in our price competetiveness. This indicates that our customers do not buy from us because we are “cheap” but rather they get great service and advice.