Jun 11, 2015 in News Articles
Filcon now Distributors for Diefebach Filter Presses


DIEFENBACH has been manufacturing quality filter presses since 1907.

Filcon Filters, one of the leading liquid filtration companies in South Africa, has been authorized to sell Diefenbach filter presses. Diefenbach which has been in existence since 1907, underwent a major structural reorganization in 2007 which has ensured that it has the ability to continue producing competitively priced quality filter presses for another 100 years.

Reasons to use a Diefenbach filter press:

  • Quality engineered for long lasting performance
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Technical support, spare parts and consumables readily available
  • Over 100 years experience building quality products

Diefenbach filter presses serve a wide spectrum of industries, such as mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles, waste water but in recent years there has been an increase in sales to Russian mines because the strength and robustness of the overhead beam presses has proved a great success in the inhospitable Kamchatka peninsula environment. The peninsula has as many as 29 active volcanoes — their eruptions and frequent earthquakes can destroy roads and airport runways. Diefenbach filter presses have withstood volcanic eruptions and floods.

Diefenbach overhead beam automatic filter presses include a range from 650 x 650 mm plate size up to 2000 x 2000 mm, with a maximum capacity of 175 plates, operating up to 16 bar pressure. Diefenbach overhead beam filter presses are 20-30 percent heavier than yhose of other manufacturers and consequently are ideally suited to mining operations with Diefenbach filter presses recently installed at gold, silver, copper, iron ore, molybdenum, vanadium and zinc mines.

The side beam filter presses are available either operating automatically, or with simultaneous or manual opening with a range of plate sizes from 500 x 500 mm up to 1200 x 1200 mm with a maximum capacity of 100 plates operating up to 16 bar pressure.

Diefenbach’s modern laboratory and their on-site pilot units enable their engineers to design and build the best suited filter press for the application in question. More than 100 years experience building filter presses and with over 11000 units operating in 45 countries ensures that Diefenbach stays at the forefront of design and manufacture.

The Ametistovoye CJSC gold mine, in Kamchatka, Russia has installed a Diefenbach filter press (see picture below) capable of handling the 350 m3/h flow rate producing 2500 tons of sludge per day when it soon comes into operation. The mine is expected to produce 3.5 tons of gold annually worth US$125 million at the current price of $1290 per oz which will be a big boost to the local economy.