Oct 4, 2011 in Blog Articles

Listeriosis is a serious infection caused by the bactera Listeria monocytogenes. It is a foodborne illness with the usual culprits being hot dogs, deli meats and soft cheese. In some such ready-to-eat foods, contamination may occur after factory cooking prior to packaging. The problem with the Listeria bacteria is that it can grow and multiply in the refrigerator.The current outbreak in the USA, which has caused the death of fifteen people has an unusual source, cantaloupes or musk melons as we in South Africa know them. One report I read stated that “Listeria does not appear on produce, after all…it is typically introduced by outside sources like factory animal feedlots, whose manure cesspools run off and contaminate nearby agriculture fields on a regular basis.” So it would seem that polluted water may be the culprit. Especially so, when cognizance is taken of the fact that cantaloupe grown in the USA are watered using drip irrigation…and if that water is polluted! Then too cosideration should be given to the fact cantaloupe or musk melons are rough skinned which means that polluted water would not run off easily but would stay on the skin. So the listeria could have been on the rind which allows cross contamination. We at Filcon Filters are mindful of the problems caused by polluted water and encourage filtration …we are aware and publicize the fact that safe water is a critical necessity for humankind. As Africa’s premier filtration specialists we provide filtration solutions to polluted water problems.