Jan 26, 2016 in Blog Articles
Fairey Ceramics Household Water Filters

Recent published joint research on household water filters by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) showed that Reverse Osmosis Filters were found to remove more than 99.99 per cent E.coli. However, on the flip side, reverse osmosis systems “waste 74 liters of water for every 26 liters they clean. This makes them totally unsustainable in water scarce regions….,” the research found.

If you need a filter system for home usage then the best system on the market is based on the Sterasyl technology provided by Fairey Ceramics. The Sterasyl ceramic is impregnated with silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Sterasyl® ceramics have a tightly controlled complex pore structure, which has unparalleled filtration properties. Sterasyl™ is effective in both gravity and pressure filters.

And look at the benefits…with its Absolute filtration rating (defined as >99.99%) of 0.9 microns, Sterasyl® is highly effective against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria, cysts etc. So it can match Reverse Osmosis for the removal of E.coli for instance and it does not waste water.

Filcon Filters market these cartridges as well as a range of filter housings.

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