Dec 22, 2011 in Blog Articles

Europe is planning to have as much as 97% of its electricity supplied by renewable energy by 2050 according to Gunther Oettinger the Energy Commissioner. This level is the most optimistic scenario whilst the most conservative scenario shows that renewable energy will account for 55% of total energy consumption in 2050.This is good news for those Europeans who are concerned about the environment but South Africa has no such commitment because of the on-going reliance on coal. Here our air will continue to absorb increasing levels of carbon emissions as the new coal fired power stations come on line.When it comes to cleaning up water Filcon Filters offers a specialist service in providing clear solutions to filtration problems. We have a manufactuting divison for the fabrication of centrifugal strainers, automatic back washing filters, in-line basket strainers and purge stariners.In addition we supply a wide range of filter bag and cartridge housings, all types of cartridges and filter bags. We really are the contaminant removal specialists