Mar 6, 2013 in Blog Articles

It is old news that one billion people in the world have no adequate access to clean water…the picture alongside graphically illustrates what one in seven people have to contend with. The search is on to find cheaper ways to treat wastewater as so much of it in fact goes to, well, waste. We at Filcon Filters continually monitor new developments and bring them to our readers’ attention from time to time.  Bruce Logan of Penn State University, a water resources specialist, has made the claim that there is significantly more energy in wastewater than it takes to treat it. As a consequence treating wastewater should produce energy instead of using it…wastewater then has the potential to become a major energy resource. How, you may well ask?Logan used two types of microbes to prove his claim. An exoelectrogen which produces electric current and the other an electrotroph which consumes electrons and produces hydrogen and methane. I am not going to explain how the experiment worked (no scientist) but suffice it to say that he produced sufficient energy to propel a fan.Filcon Filters is a distributor of imported filtration products from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, PRC and ROC such as filter housings, self cleaning filters, a full range of filter bags and filter cartridges…Filcon also manufactures the DirtGobbla centrifugal separator, automatic back flushing strainers, purge and Y strainers as well as in line basket strainers. Filcon prides itself in providing clear solutions for your filtration problems.