Dec 11, 2012 in Blog Articles

In my blog Electrocoagulation for Wastewater Treatment I mentioned thst I would spell out how eater treatment can be effected without the aid of chemicals…here you are:“[Electrocoagulation] utilizes direct current to cause sacrificial electrode ions. to remove undesirable contaminants either by chemical reaction and precipitation or by causing colloidal materials to coalesce and then be removed by electrolytic flotation. The electrochemical system has proven to be able to cope with a variety of wastewaters. These waters are paper pulp mill waste, metal plating, tanneries, canning factories, steel mill effluent, slaughter houses, chromate, lead and mercury laden effluents, as well as domestic sewage. These wastewaters will be reduced to clear, clean, odorless and reusable water. In most cases, more especially domestic sewage, the treated water effluent will be better than the raw water from which it had originated.” Source:  Eckenfelder, W.W. and Cecil, L.K.. “Applications of New Concepts of Physical-Chemical Wastewater Treatment.” Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN: Pergamon Press, Inc.Drop me a mail tony [at] filconfilters [dot] co [dot] za if you would like to know the removal rates attainable for the contaminant you are seeking to remove.