Jun 14, 2013 in Blog Articles

If you need to coalesce emulsified water and remove particles from hydrocarbon fluids you will have to use coalescer cartridges. These cartridges are used to remove water from aviation fuel and other types of fuels, also used with process streams in refineries and petrochemical plants. Can be used for removal of water from diesel when fuelling mine machinery.The illustration alongside shows a magnified view of the coalescing process…the tiny water droplets collect on a strand of fibre glass where they combine with other droplets and coalsece into larger drops which then push to the outside of the cartridge and then drop off to the bottom of the housing. Coalescer efficiency improves with the tightness of the micron rating of the filter media. If you want to know if you can use a coalescer for your application all you need to do is stand the sample of iquid in a glass container and watch to see if the mixture separates within a couple of hours. If it does…a coalescer should work for you.