Jan 15, 2014 in Blog Articles

China will soon begin production of large amounts of fresh water from the desalination of sea ice. The salinity of sea ice in Bohai Bay is between 0.4 percent to 0.8 percent, much lower than that of sea water, which stands at about 2.8 percent to 3.1 percent.  The research team who developed the technology at Beijing Normal University have just signed a sea ice desalination technology transfer agreement with Beijing Huahaideyuan Technology Co. Ltd. The company is expected to be able to produce at least 1 billion cubic meters of fresh water annually by 2023, said Yu Jian, executive president of the company.The technology is expected to help quench the thirsty north China, where per capita availability of fresh water is only between 100 and 300 cubic meters annually, compared with 500 cubic meters – a United Nations criteria for water scarcity.Alongside is a view of the frozen sea in Bohai Bay…now we at Filcon Filters cannot desalinate frozen sea water but we do tgo o great lengths to keep cleaning and recycling water. We carry a complete range of filtration equipment from simple wound cartridges to multi cartridge and bag housings and we manufacturer a range of centrifugal separators, in line basket strainers, and purge and Y strainers.We also are agents in Southern Africa for Diefenbach filter presses and Miox disinfectant generators. In addition we can supply a range of liquid and gas coalescers from Jonell UK who carry over 40000 filters equivalents of most manufacturers. Jonell specialise in filter solutions for refineries, gas production, off shore and power generation

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