Nov 10, 2011 in Blog Articles

There was an interesting piece on the internet rearding an investigation conducted by Food Safety News about the ultra-filtering of Chinese honey being imported into the United States. The report claimed that 76 percent of samples from large stores in the US were selling Chinese honey which had had the pollen removed. According to the FSN the lack of pollen in most convential “honey” products is due to these products having been ultra-filtered. This means that they had been intensely heated, forced through extremely tiny filters, and potentially even watered down or adulterated in some way. The message is that without pollen Chinese “honey” is not honey. We provide filtration products for bee keepers to remove bits of dirt in their honey …usually filter bags down to around 20 microns will do the trick. But when you buy honey from the super markets you do not know if it has been just filtered or ultra-filtered.  If you want the real thing buy comb honey.