Aug 23, 2012 in Blog Articles

Turn on your tap and out comes a cocktail of water and bacteria. According to a press release from the University of Michigan tap water is teeming with bacteria despite the intensive filtering and disinfection that occur in most of the developed world. But according to U-M researchers this is not necessarily a problem as there are good bacteria, innocuous bacteria and bad bacteriaAccording to one of the researchers “if we can better understand the types of bacteria in the microbial community from source to tap and what processes control it, perhaps we can be more effective at controlling which ones get through.”Water suppliers typically add chemicals such as chlorine to drinking water, but these disunfectants can react with naturally occurring substances in the water to form potentially harmful byproducts.On going research intends to “explore how to improve public health by engineering drinking water treatment plants to impact the drinking water microbiome, perhaps by promoting growth of beneficial microbes that outcompete pathogenic microbes.”Until such time, Filcon Filters provides a free consultation service to assist you solve all your filtation problems and update you on the latest in water treatment. Filcon for all kinds of filters.