Aug 14, 2014 in Blog Articles

Anthropcene, the age of deterioration. (I am indebted to for the following information). Our species’ whole recorded history has taken place in the geological period called the Holocene – the brief interval stretching back 10,000 years (some would say just 6,000 years). But our collective actions have brought us into uncharted territory. A growing number of scientists think we’ve entered a new geological epoch that needs a new name – the Anthropocene.We’ve been changing the world around us for millennia. But the scale and speed of change in the last 60 years have been incredible, leading scientists to call events since the 1950s the ‘Great Acceleration’. Every living thing affects its surroundings. But humanity is now influencing every aspect of the Earth on a scale akin to the great forces of nature.There are now so many of us, using so many resources, that we’re disrupting the grand cycles of biology, chemistry and geology by which elements like carbon and nitrogen circulate between land, sea and atmosphere. We’re changing the way water moves around the globe as never before. Almost all the planet’s ecosystems bear the marks of our presence.(Back to our own comments) Water is going to be fought over as it runs out in many parts of the world. And compounding the problem water is being poluted as urban population expands at an alarming rate putting pressure on limited resources. We at Filcon Filtters are mindful of the problem and that’s why we are doing out part by being in the business of filtering water, reusing and treating waste water.Filcon Filters has a range of filtration products manufactured to its design…centrifugal separators, automatic self flushing strainers, purge and Y strainers.