Dec 17, 2015 in News Articles

Brand-Logos-ftcFilcon Filters the sole agent/distributor of the products from FTC (Filtration Technology Corporation of Houston, USA) announce the introduction of a new line of gas coalescence elements which have been especially engineered to provide the most cost effective high efficiency liquid coalescence of gas streams on the market.

The introduction of proprietary interception, coalescence and drainage layers pleated in conjunction with high efficiency micro-fiber media ensures highest efficiency separation of sub-micron liquid aerosols from gas streams while minimising fluid carry-over.

These elements, available in 0.1 and 0.3 micron in both 99.0% and 99.98% efficiencies in four different sizes are the answer for removal of unwanted liquid contaminants such as amines, glycols, solvents, compressor lubrication oils, water, hydrocarbon condensates and other liquid phase contaminants.

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