Gas Coaleser

Gas Coalescing Filter Elements

JONELL’s large assortment of gas coalescing elements are designed to coalesce and remove submicronic particles, low surface tension aerosols, and other fine mists from air or gas streams. With absolute ratings down to 0.3 micron, JONELL gas coalescing filter elements are laboratory tested giving our clients the comfort they have come to expect in JONELL reliability.

Pleated Style Filter Elements
Pleated style gas coalescers remove liquids and solids from gas streams that contain concentrations of entrained fine liquid particles. It is important to note that pleated gas coalescing filters are also extremely efficient at filtering solids however are not intended for solids removal.

JOS Air Oil Seperator Filter Elements
JOS Air Oil Separator Coalescing Elements are designed to coalesce extremely fine liquid particles down to 0.3 microns from a natural gas stream. Most commonly they are used to remove lubricating oil aerosols in a compressor discharge.

JPMG R Pleated Depth Vapor Phase Coalescing Filter Elements
Available in literally hundreds of configurations and sealing styles, the JPMG Pleated Depth Vapor Phase Coalescing Filter Elements are an industry work horse is reverse flow coalescing. Designed for the removal of entrained low surface tensions mists and aerosols, the JPMG Style coalescer is both laboratory and field tested. When an absolute 0.3 micron efficiency is critical, you can trust the JPMG vapor phase coalescing filter.

JPMP Caustic Coalescing Series
Polypropylene Vapor Phase Coalescing Elements are available in all the configurations and sealing styles of a traditional JPMG fiberglass coalescing filter, however the polypropylene filtering media makes them ideal for reverse flow coalescing in caustic services where glass is not compatible. JPMP style reverse flow coalescing filters are designed for the removal of entrained low surface tensions mists and aerosols down to 0.3 microns.

Depth Style Filter Elements
Jonell depth style vapor phase coalescing elements are extremely efficient at coalescing and removing aerosols from gas streams. When operated in the correct applications, depth style coalescers are very effective at promoting liquid particle growth and stability.

Twist-LOK™ Filter Series
Today’s industry demands a product capable of seamless performance in a variety of conditions under the harshest environments. The Twist-LOK™ Filter’s versatile separation system offers superior contaminant removal and coalescing efficiency with the added feature of our patent pending Twist-LOK™ locking mechanism. This feature gives the ability to customize cartridges as needed, to suite specific operating conditions or changing specifications.

JMG Gas Coalescer Series

Ultra Fine Depth Style Microglass Vapor Phase Coalescing Filter Elements are reverse flow coalescing elements designed for the removal of entrained low surface tensions mists and aerosols, the JMG Style coalescer is both lab.


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